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Hello, my name is Isabella! I am a 17 year old artist from Calgary, AB who is passionate about life and storytelling. I am also a musician who has received an award for excellence in composition, and a lover of creation. 

Above all else, I am a devoted lover of Jesus. I am passionate about sharing His love with the world because He has changed my life & is my greatest love. 

My creative ideas are constantly flowing. I am currently working on three large writing projects --two of which are yet to be announced.

One project that many people know of is Destiny: A New Musical. You can follow along with that journey by visiting our website or by following our social media accounts: @destinythemusical

I dream of creating a story that conveys how beautiful the gift of life is and that it is not something to be overlooked, while simultaneously creating a world that people can call home. Tolkien's works have become this home for me. 

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